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Water stills

The Hamilton range of water stills provide all the answers to pure water requirements. High quality glassware, advanced design together with minimum maintenance combine to provide a product that will give reliable service for years.

All stills are protected by safety features giving failsafe operation without supervision.

Alternative low cost metal heaters or high purity silica sheathed elements are available.

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Indicator gives visual warning when reservoir is full, cutting out all power and water still.
Double Coil Condenser for maximum output with low Temperature distillate.
Pressure switch shuts off water supply and power when reservoir is full. Allows any type of reservoir to be used.
Controlled by 12 Volt Circuit board for safety of use.
Stove enamelled casing incorporates hinged Perspex front cover for easy access.
Electrical specification meets B.S. and International standards.
Screwthread connectors for easy assembly, maintenance and leek free operation.
Constant level Device gives efficient boiler operation and protects against Overflowing.
Solenoid valve shuts off water supply to still if electrical power fails.
Visual flow control valve sets water input for maximum efficiency and cuts power if water supply fails.
WSC Range

The Hamilton WSC ranges are a smart and a easy way of distilling water. All are thermostatically controlled shut off (Electrics only)

WSC/4 4 Litres per hour
Fitted with Metal Heaters
WSC/4S 4 Litres per hour
Fitted with Silica heaters
WSC/8 8 Litres per hour
Fitted with Metal
WSC/8S 8 Litres per hour
Fitted with Silica Heaters
WSC/4D Double distillation
Output approximately 4 Litres per hour of high purity distillate
Fitted with 4 x Silica Heaters
Aquamatic Range All the Aquamatic range of Water Stills are self running. When the reservoir is full it automatically shuts power off. All the range are thermostatically controlled, shutting power and water off.
AWC/4 4 Litres per hour
Fitted with Metal Heaters
AWC/4S 4 Litres per hour
Fitted with Silica Heaters
AWC/8 8 Litres per hour
Fitted with Metal Heaters
AWC/8S 8 Litres per hour
Fitted with Silica Heaters
AWC/4D Output approximately 4 litres per hour
Of high purity distillate
Fitted with 4 x Silica Heaters
WSE/4S Economy Hamilton Economy Water Stills provide the same performance as the 4 litre cabinet. The Still features a high quality boiler and condenser distillation unit mounted on a stove enamel metal chasis with all electrics in a metal housing. Fitted with a silica heater.
WSB/4 Budget Hamilton Budget Water Stills have been produced to meet educational requirements. The still is a basic low cost unit that will give 4 litres per hour of distillate but still retains safety thermostatic cut out and high quality glassware
Vertical Water Stills These traditional stills have been producrd for many years and have proved to give reliable performance with a low outlay. A double soiral condenser is mounted on a spherical boiling chamber with a flexible joint. Water flow is controlled by a constant level device. Heater feature built in thermostatic cut out. A sturdy bracket is provided enabling the stills to be either bench or wall mounted.
WSS/4 4 Litres per hour
WSS/8 8 Litres per hour
RS/25 Reservoir All Water Stills except WSB/4, WSS/8 & WSS/4 can be supplied as a complete unit mounted on a Hamilton 25 Litres Reservoir - add prefix RS/25 to catalogue number if required. For customers who already have a Hamilton Cabinet Water Still reservoir can be fitted but they must be returned to the factory for fitting.

Aspirator Bottle

As an alternative to the reservoir we can supply a 20 Litre Aspirator Bottle complete with stopcock for easy access to stored distillate.



We can offer deionisers for pre distillation water treatment. The deionisers are cost effective stand alone systems that provide low to medium volumes of either primary or deionised grade water. Water quality is easy to moniter, with built in meters or colour change indicators on the small deionisers and a range of conductivity / resistivity meters.

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