Hamilton Laboratory Glass



> Absorption Tubes
> Adapters
> Stillheads & Splasheads
> Bottles
> Condensers
> Joints/Stoppers
> Extractors
> Filter Funnels
> Flasks
> Gas Syringe Apparatus
> Organic Sets
> Screw Threads
> Separating Funnels
> P.T.F.E. Stopcocks
> Volumetric Ware
> Bespoke Glassware
> Flanges
> Gas Syringes
> Ground Joints & Stoppers
> O Ring Joints
> Sintered Glassware
> Stillheads & Splashheads

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Laboratory glass.

Our glass products are made to the highest standard for use in labs in industry and in education.

We specialise in creating screw tops for a variety of glass products. These tops create an airtight seal and can be manufactured in various sizes to suit different needs.

Our highly trained workers create intricate glasswork to the highest specification. As well as creating standard flasks, stills and general lab equipment, we also produce bespoke glasswork to meet clients’ requirements.

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We manufacture a wide range of jointed laboratory glassware, cones, sockets and screwthreads with various shank diameters and lengths for further manipulation by the glass blowers.

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